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We are in business of Restoring Properties. Complete Building Repairs and all types of Waterproofing are our core competency. Grouting, Plumbing, Paving flooring/coating, Interiors and External Paintings are the activities we are expert in.

Our Story

MODERN BUILDING REPAIRERS has acquired the reputation and standing of being a leading company for the Structural Audit as per municipal norm, new Civil Construction as well as Repairs & Rehabilitation of Residential Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Project. Originating from a proprietor concern starting operation from 1994 under the name of MODERN BUILDING REPAIRERS and were growing from strength to strength all the time. It is today a well known name in the field of Civil Construction and building repair, we will provide Structural Stability Certificate after completion of repair work.

With the confidence acquired from a consistently good track record, the company thereby further reinforcing its position in the market MODERN BUILDING REPAIRERS has built up its association with major clients by proven reliability, resourcefulness, timely completion and quality construction in every assignment.


has executed a number of projects in the field of Civil work for residential, commercial and Industrial Projects. While executing project MODERN BUILDING REPAIRERS have sufficient exposure on QC/QA well as other aspects of construction like planning, procurement, execution monitoring and review, cost control etc.


the quality aspect is kept upper-most in mind while executing the projects. Strict quality control of raw material is supplemented by regular quality checks at different stages if construction right up to finishing and completion of the works. Adequate quality control and testing equipment has been provided for this proposes and qualified personnel are available to look after this important function.

MODERN BUILDING REPAIRERS Employees appropriate techniques and equipment for its projects and endeavors to keep abreast of the latest technological development in the construction industry. In order to meet the requirements of various clients for early completion of projects MODERN BUILDING REPAIRERS has given top priority for mobilization of were construction machineries to match the need of the day.

To carry out its services to construction industry is a manner benefiting as organization with its capabilities, MODERN BUILDING REPAIRERS has built a work force of people with multi-disciplinary skills. To ensure efficient co-ordination of various project sites activities / MODERN BUILDING REPAIRERS adopts an integrated approach to project management. Optimum performance objectives are achieved within the parameters assigned regardless of size of complexity of the project.

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